Wes Pinson – New General Sales Manager

Waxahachie Autoplex is proud to welcome our new General Sales Manager, Wes Pinson, who is now over all sales operations for the entire complex.

Wes Pinson - General Sales Manager

Wes Pinson is the new General Sales Manager for Waxahachie Autoplex.


Wes is excited to be back in Waxahachie and wants to make Waxahachie Autoplex everyones number one choice when it comes to buying a car.

“I am very excited to be back in Waxahachie. My wife and her family are from Waxahachie and I look forward to meeting new friends and customers” says Wes.

Wes came to Waxahachie originally in 2008 playing the role of Used Car Manager as part of first group to transform the dealership from Thornhill to Waxahachie Autoplex after it was purchased by the Landers McLarty Auto Group. Then in June of 2010, Wes returned to his hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas to be closer to family.

Wes Pinson
General Sales Manager

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Waxahachie Lifestyles Expo – Waxahachie Autoplex Booth

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Waxahachie Autoplex was proud to have a booth at the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce 2012 Lifestyles Home Expo, one that some have called the best expo yet! There were plenty of drawings, prizes, food, and great people.. We brought out two cars, a Challenger and Mustang. Everywhere you looked you could see blue buckets with our logo on the side. We met a lot of great people out there and were happy to shake every hand we could. Looking forward to next year too!

Follow this link to see the video we took at the booth!

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Bob Phillips Texas Country Reporter Festival 2011

Waxahachie Autoplex was proud to support the Bob Phillips Texas Country Reporter Festival in Downtown Waxahachie this year. It was a great showing of the talent in our Texas towns. There were artists from all over the state showing off their work for display and purchase. I had the opportunity to walk through the festival for a few hours and take in the excitement that was flowing through all of downtown Waxahachie. There were talented artists of almost every kind of art imaginable. I met painters, metal workers, wood carvers, mosaic designers, jewelers, and a number of other kinds of talent. I took pictures of many of my favorite works of art while I was there.

Also, had the opportunity to take in the entertainment on stage that included The World Famous Skidboot and other musicians from the area including the headlining band, ” FireFall.”

The numbers in attendance were record, the amount of vendors in attendance was record, and the memories will not be forgotten.
Hoorah for another great year!

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Waxahachie Autoplex Booth

Waxahachie Autoplex is proud to be a part of the Texas Country Reporter Festival!


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Waxahachie Autoplex Booth at Bob Phillips Festival 2011

Waxahachie Autoplex Booth at Bob Phillips Festival 2011

We were proud to be a part of the 2011 Bob Phillips Texas Country Reporter Festival in Waxahachie, Texas.

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Ford Explorer and Dodge Ram Among Top 5 Sold in America the Past 30 Days

According to a new article from http://www.TheStreet.com, the Ford Explorer and Dodge Ram were named among the top 5 vehicles sold in America the past thirty days! This is excellent news for two of the big three domestic car makers.  (ORIGINAL ARTICLE)

There is nothing about the New 2011-2012 Ford Explorer that is anything short of impressive. The Sync & MyTouch technology work seamlessly to give every owner the best driving experience everytime they get behind the wheel.
To take a look at our inventory of New Ford Explorers CLICK HERE.

The new Dodge Ram is also a driving force in the truck world with a thriving heritage of power, performance, and reliability.
To see our New Dodge Ram Inventory CLICK HERE.

We here at Waxahachie Autoplex are proud to serve and deliver such an outstanding product. Thank you so much for reading and we look forward to next time!

Waxahachie Autoplex

Magnablend Meltdown

I would like to wish the best for all those who were affected by the fire that burned Magnablend to the ground in Waxahachie on Monday. We could only watch helplessly from the  other side of the highway as the explosions rattled our windows and the smoke consumed your complex. We were evacuated shortly after the smoke began to blot out the sun and smother our lot on the other side of the highway. Waxahachie Autoplex has been doing business with Magnablend for long time now and we can only hope that everyone involved will be able to resume life as normal as soon as possible. We wish you the best of luck moving forward.

-Waxahachie Autoplex-

Facebook Giveaways!

Waxahachie Autoplex was happy to give away a free Customer Appreciation Gift Card to one of our loyal customers on Monday. We always enjoy the opportunity to give back to the people that allow us to do business everyday. Are you following us on facebook? http://www.facebook.com/waxahachieautoplex! You too could easily win one of our monthly prizes as well, We appreciate everyones business and if there is anything we can do please by all means let us know! Thank you to our loyal customers both past and future!

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